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Top Games

1. The Swords of Ditto-

Picture the game the legend of Zelda, the first one and now cover it with a layer of cartoon graphics that would not be out of place in Adult Swim. After this, build a game into the template where you play Zelda-esque hero that is chasing the loot which will open up the world and develop deep inside the boss-capped dungeons. And finally make it in a way that whenever you chose to die, you will start over with nothing, roguelike style. If you love all this, then welcome to the Swords of Ditto.

2. Celeste-

Right from the beginning, the game has established everything that you can expect from a regular game, such as intense and gratifying platforming. The game is a tale of a girl called Madeline and her love towards climbing a mountain, and running into colorful characters. You can even die a couple of times as the trials grow more challenging, the closer she gets to the top.

Top games

3. Jurassic World: Evolution-

It has been a spectacular year for the game that will charge you with managing and even containing chaos and Jurassic World. It’s what you would want from a Jurassic themed business where you can research dino DNA and even build your park to keep them. The game also has multiple island configurations to go along with the story that will push you to experiment — there more than hours of entertainment to be found in this game.

4. Monster Hunter: World-

The game goes all the way back to the year 2004 but the latest version of the game” Monster Hunter: World” is the first entry and it feels genuinely accessible. As the title says, it is a game built around hunting monsters. After you get into one of the open world’s spaces, it up to the gamer to find out about the monster’s existence and even pick up the trail from there to find it. You hunt you up close to monstrous creatures that once defeated will leave behind materials you can use them to craft better weapons and armor. Check Gravatar for more info.  After that, you can lead to the next, tougher hunts.

5. God of War-

The game involves one man, one boy, one ax, and one fantastic adventure. The game took Kratos and sent him on a new pathway in Norse mythology along with his son Atreus that mixes the satisfying hyperviolence of the original trilogy. The game also has a new refreshingly mature premise and a story that is Kratos’s wife and Atreus’s mother died, and her final wish was that they spread her ashes on the peak of the tallest mountain. With the games worlds-spanning tale and enormous set pieces, it nails the action-adventure genre on every beat.