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Comedy Movies

We all love to spend time with our families and have a good laugh. To have this, watching comedy movies with them is the best way to have a fun relaxing weekend with your family and even your friends. Comedy movies are good for stress-relief especially if you have a hectic work. Here are some of the top comedy movies of the year 2018:

1. Private Life-

The writer/ director of the movie Tamara Jenkins managed to bring out an entirely new sub-genre of comedy with work that is a mixture of sad and funny. She takes the messiness of life and turns it into comedic gold with her latest cast Kathryn Hahn and Paul Giamatti as a couple trying to conceive but couldn’t.

Comedy Movies

2. Paddington 2-

The movie is Sweeter than a marmalade, Paul King’s second adventure features the Browns, and their bear inside a toggle coat will win you over due to its British charm and humor. This go-round, you will tag along with Paddington as he looks for the perfect gift for his Aunt Lucy.

3. Vice-

The latest political comedy by Adam McKay and staring a transformed Christian Bale as a former Vice President Dick Cheney try’s to reveal what happened behind Cheney’s cold-stone expression. It is not just Christian Bale who immersed himself into the role, but it also has Amy Adams as Lynne Cheney, Steve Carell as Donald Rumsfeld and Sam Rockwell as President Bush who has given refined performances.

4. Sorry to Bother You-

May the comedy be the answer to superhero-movie fatigue? This weird sci-fi debut from the rapper Boots Riley. To summarize it is impossible, but you can see it as a satirical comedy with a social conscience stars like Lakeith Stanfield as a dimension-hopping telemarketer who hits the jackpot. The best way to understand this movie is to watch it yourself.

5. Mid90s-

Jonah Hill stars for the first time to a straight a nostalgic story about a kid who seeks acceptance with a group of LA skater boys. Even though it is technically a comedy that drops the regular stoner joke.

6. The Favourite-

Things get weird in Yorgos Lanthimos” latest circus in the deadpan. You have cast line-up including Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz as the 18th-century countries fighting for affections of the queen who is played by Olivia Colman. The other things you have in the movie is duck racing, pineapple eating, war, rabbits and you will have to see the film to appreciate it.

7. All About Nina-

Even though it feels like only a few numbers of people have seen it, this hidden gem of a movie is proof that Mary Elizabeth is worthy enough of sell-out crowds. As the character Nina, who is a stand-up comedian who is addicted to bad choices but also very hilarious, honest and heartfelt.