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MUR Part 1

I’d like to make a movie without words. Silently. And so that everything was clear. Or rather, that everyone understands everything correctly. In nature, communication is carried out by images. We have lost a single perception of images, and began to use words. There are a lot of words now. And the quality of communication is deteriorating. And in order to restore it, one cannot do without words now. But as they say, – wedge knock out the wedge. We continue to return the words to their original figurative meanings.
“There is nothing wrong with imperfections,” noted the famous Tonino Guerra. That is, perfection is right. And what is perfection? This is when fully accomplished what is intended. An embodied idea. And if we agree with the perfection of the Creator, then we can take for the standard and everything originally created in his image and likeness.
From birth, each of us is endowed with will, and when we voluntarily contribute to the divine plan, we are guaranteed an evolutionary ascent. This is an ideal game, where all the roles, from the main to the “eat served”, with proper performance, lead each of the participants to perfection. Not superfluous to notice that it is not matter that is improving, but the one who controls it. This is the idea of ​​the Game and it is implemented flawlessly. In any case, there is nothing to compare with.