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A long time ago, once powerful gods wanted diversity. And they began to play different beautiful games.
They honestly competed with each other, and the reward for the game was fun.
Then, wanting to extend the pleasure a little longer, someone once lied.
Then they plotted each other, fought and broke other people’s toys. The gods got so involved in this game that they didn’t even notice how they turned from creators into participants and turned the world upside down.
They so selflessly convinced each other in their own right that they forgot about their divine abilities and could not return to their original state. Only one feeling has remained in the memory so far: the game is a pleasure. Therefore, they will never give up the fascinating game that someone once called life.
We live on this planet a lot of time. We are alive thanks to our indestructible aesthetics. Man is initially beautiful, so beauty is the measure of all movements in the world.
Beauty is a subjective concept. Each person is individual. Every person lives in his own world, in his own universe. But we have a good playground, where we meet, we quarrel, we put up and where we love to have fun. Once, a long time ago, we forgot how to look at ourselves, and one of our favorite toys was a mirror for us. Alas, the mirror can only reflect the face. It seems that this is not enough for us. To look at ourselves, we remembered one very exciting game. This is a very old game. It was once played by powerful gods. Someone once called it the beautiful word “theater”.