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Statistics is one of the most important part of life. Statistics is basically a set of mathematical equations which can be used to analyze things around us. Statistics are some of the best ways to make sure that the information we are given makes sense. There are many more specific about the importance of statistics in our life. Some of these are listed in the article.

Making predictions for the weather forecast

This is one of the most easiest example for how statistics drive your daily life. You might heard the weather forecast, but have you ever wondered how they know all of this information. The simple answer is statistics. They have computers which are built on computer models which is based on statistical concepts. These computers make sure that these computers records and analyze prior and current weather which later produces the future weather.

Statistics can be used by anyone

Statistics is generally used by researches who are trying to make sure that they can produce relevant data. This helps the scientists produce a results without any loss of money as well as time and data. Generally, people do not realize that they are using statistics is their daily when it comes to easy tasks.


Insurance is a financial document which can help cover in the times of emergency. Insurance can be of many times from medical, home and other insurance. Based on the individual application many business use these statistical methods to make sure that they have a calculated risk which can help them in much better way to make sure that they are not under any risk.

Statistics and financial Market

Statistics are some of the most important aspect in the financial field where you will be able to play a great role. This is one of the key aspects which allows the traders and businessmen invest and make money. If you have skipped you classes buy asking an external source to take my online statistics class for me. It is a better idea that you catch up on what you have lost.

Statistics and medicine

Before any drug comes in to the market these drugs are vigorously tested. Before the drugs are prescribed these scientist make sure that they have a statistically valid result and are effective enough to make sure that they work. This is one of the best ways to keep everything in check and have a study backing up the effectiveness of the drug. This allows the medical professional make sure that the drug works on specific illness as well. Also, it gives a clear idea about the side effects to give the drug to the right patient.