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Artists And Spectators

Very long ago, the once powerful gods really liked to show each other their own beautiful creations. It was their way of communicating. In exchange, the gods received admiration and attention. Thus arose art.
Attracting a lot of attention, the gods found themselves in the very center of the world, and gained significant advantages over others.
Rivalry encouraged the gods to be resourceful, since attention is the most valuable product in our universe.
And now, wanting to retain the central location, someone once lied.
The gods continued to communicate with each other, but the beauty of their creations faded. They demanded attention and admiration, but, alas, it was becoming more and more difficult to get them. Then they began to fight, turned the world upside down and hid each in their own universe. They became small and mistrustful. But one feeling remains in the memory forever: communication is a pleasure. And they came up with a safe place that someone once called beautiful word theater.
If we consider the life of a person in different manifestations, then they all boil down to the act of communication, communication. Family, animals, objects, other people and the man himself are in constant communication. Emotion is the link between thought and action. What does an actor do when playing this or that scene? The actor, through emotion, conveys to the audience a message, an idea. What does the viewer do when watching the actor? The viewer gets an impression and relates it to their own ideas and experiences. Viewers can add something to what they see. Thus, they can make a contribution to what they see, empathizing. A good anecdote, like a work of art, spreads with lightning speed, and masterfully narrated, causes admiration and raises an emotional tone. It is the desire to make a contribution is a criterion of the viability of any work of art. This also distinguishes it from the usual illustration, which does not contain space for a contribution. There are many forms of communication between people. But art is its highest quality. Life itself, by and large, is one of the diverse forms of art.